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Choosing an Ultrasonic Pest Control for All Your Needs

Pest repellents are great tools for effectively repelling rodents and insects. Know that this type of equipment offers a myriad of benefits. They are not harmful to health and constitute an ecological solution against pests. As evidenced by the selection of repellents put forward on our buying guide, it is advisable to lend the following characteristics when buying this device: the type of repellent, its practicality of use and its level of quality. Among the wide range of products we offer you, two repellents stand out. The first is the Guardian. This repellent deterrent seduces by its ability to automatically activate and recharge itself thanks to the small solar panel which it is provided. The Ultimate® AT is acclaimed for the effectiveness of its ultrasound and its 100% safe and environmentally friendly technology.

How to choose a good pest repellent?

In this buying guide for the best pest repellents, we suggest you pay close attention when you buy your new pest repellent to hunt insects and unwanted animals. Indeed, follow our advice to better know which repellant is the best suited for you. You will therefore have to consider three main characteristics including the type of repellent in question, its practicality as well as its quality.

Purchase guide

The type of pest repellent

Knowing how to buy a better value pest repellent is based on the answer to the question: “What type of pest repellent to choose? However, the answer to this question is also based on the targeting of animals and insects harmful to your daily life that you wish to repel.

If your problem lies in the fact that it is the birds that come to destroy your plantations or your beautiful flowers that you have in your garden, scaring birds will be useful to you to avoid the birds which could ravage your garden. However, if you want to keep dogs, cats, rats, rabbits away from your home, more sophisticated devices will be of great help to you, such as ultrasonic repellents. These devices can operate on solar energy or with batteries simply.

But you will also be able to use traps like damaging cages made of galvanized steel if you do not want to scare them or kill them, so you can release them further if you want.

The practicality of the anti-pest repellent

Our price comparator ensures that you choose a pest repellent according to its practicality. Indeed, the more the device is convenient to use, the more effective it is. So if you have chosen an ultrasonic pest repeller, be sure to choose one that does not disturb your pets, but otherwise is very effective on other animals such as rats and insects. It would be a shame if it is your pets who suffer the consequences.

But as for practicality, you will also choose your repellent according to its range, some ultrasonic models for example are made for a surface of 40m2, others for larger surfaces. And it’s up to you to determine what you need.

The quality

Where to buy a new pest repeller? It will depend on the quality of the latter. The quality of the device is essential, but it will have to be also good relationship between quality and price. A versatile product is the best choice that will work with various varieties of pests and animals such as insects, rats, mice, dogs and cats.

A high-tech product would not be as refusal since it can be adjustable, with alarm as well as sounds of predators for example. This would be ideal if you choose a solar-powered device that is water-resistant due to its water-tightness so you can take it wherever you go.

The best anti-pest repellents of 2018

best pest repellers
The pest repeller is a device that emits ultrasound and the purpose of which is to repel pests outside the house or perimeter of the farm. These devices are very effective against rodents, insects and even some pets. If your goal is to find out how to choose the best pest repellents of 2018 and buy a cheap product, you will find your answer in this comparison.


Guardian Pest RepellerGuardian is the best anti-pest repellent on the market today. Indeed, this device is able to keep away cats, dogs, birds, squirrels, wild boars, foxes and even birds. It is very effective against animals that you consider harmful to your orchard and nursery.

This repellent is of a very simple operation. When an animal approaches a little too close to the safety perimeter, the device emits an ultrasound wave that will make it flee.

The ultrasound wave is not audible by the human ear, it will not be an inconvenience for the neighborhood. When it’s dark, a strong LED light will flash and make the intruders run away. The infrared motion sensor has an angle of action of 100 degrees and a detection range of 9 meters.

This ultrasonic repellent is completely waterproof. It can be left outside, rain or shine. During installation, the repeller should only be configured for indoor or outdoor use. The advantage with the Guardian is that it has three modes of charging. Its batteries can be recharged by solar energy during the day, by a USB cable (5-12V) or by 3 AAA batteries.

You are often bothered by cats, squirrels or other unwanted animals in your yard or orchard, and you wonder what pest repellent to choose? The Guardian repellent cat is perhaps the solution to your problem.


Simple but effective operation : The device emits an ultrasound wave inaudible to the human ear as soon as an animal enters the safety perimeter. Embarrassed by the wave, this one will flee having not undergone any violence. At night, the device will flash an LED light bulb to scare away intruders.

Waterproof device: This Guardian brand repellent is perfectly suited for outdoor installation. It is indeed waterproof IPX44 and therefore not afraid of being damaged by an infiltration of water or dust.


Solar charging: The presence of this function is appreciable, but it seems that it is not always very effective, depending on the weather.

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Ultimate® AT

Pest Repeller Ultimate ATUltimate® AT is a pest control device that works with electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves.

Electromagnetic waves carry transverse vibrations and ultrasonic waves, which produces a better dispersion effect. When combined, these two waveforms are highly detrimental to the auditory and nervous system of rodents. They have no choice but to flee their homes. It only takes a week to obtain convincing results.

This repellent is very effective against rodents, but also against insects. It also scares away roaches, flies, ants and spiders. The coverage area of ​​this unit is approximately one hundred square meters. However, it is recommended to install a repellent in all rooms of the house. This will give you greater peace of mind.

Ultimate® AT is ideal for saving energy. Indeed, just plug it into a wall outlet for almost immediate action. As the device consumes less than 0.1 kilowatt-hours a day, you can use it continuously every day of the week for perfect protection. If after reading this comparative guide you still do not know which is the best pest repellent on the market, we recommend you to build for this model signed Ultimate® AT.

Are you tired of flies, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents and other pests invading your home? The Ultimate® AT Pest Repellent is able to solve your worries. The ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves it emits will manage to make unwanted visitors flee.


Advanced Pest Control System: Ultimate® AT uses two waveforms (electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves) to keep intruders away. These waves will continuously affect the nervous and auditory systems of pests and rodents.

Affordable price: This pest repellent is cheaper, yet it remains highly effective. With its small price, you can afford to buy several, to install in different rooms of your house.


A little noisy: The unit emits slight noises, especially when the light changes color. In the long run it can be a little awkward, especially if it is installed in a room.

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How to use a pest repellent?

Pest repellents are the best solutions to hunt insects and rodents that ravage your daily life. In addition, the system integrated in these equipment has no negative effect on human health or that of domestic animals. However, it is recommended to use this material correctly to optimize the result obtained.

Master the operation

Whether you are used to this type of device or not, read the information in this manual carefully. Allow yourself plenty of time to peel the information including, paying attention to each instruction mentioned in this document. Try to understand how the equipment works, because it will allow you to control its use more quickly. Remember the safety instructions to avoid incorrect handling.

Optimize the location

An anti-pest repellent does not install anywhere. Consider the tips in the leaflet to optimize the result. Otherwise, install these devices simply in places where there are a lot of insects and rodents. Also choose the devices according to the size of each room. Some models are suitable for small areas while others are compatible with large spaces. Follow these recommendations to the letter if you want to have a result that meets your needs.

Equip each room

Ultrasound used in pest repellents can not pass through walls and furniture. Therefore, eliminate all the elements that affect the proper functioning of the integrated system. In order to optimize the use of the equipment, plan to install one in each room affected by the problems of rats and other pests.

Follow the steps of use

To begin, find a clear spot in the room to install the equipment. If it is an ultrasonic model, then plug it into a power outlet. Then, clear the space around the device. Make sure there are no objects that could prevent it from working properly. Finally turn on the LED if you wish, however know that this step is not mandatory.

Strengthen protection

In general, rodents should disappear a few days after the introduction of anti-repellents. So, be a little patient since the result is not immediate. However, if you find that there are still rats or mice lying around in certain rooms, then take all precautions.

To begin, make sure that all installed devices work properly. To do this, inspect the LED light because it indicates that the device is running. Then, keep the place clean and eliminate crumbs of food that might attract animals. Once this is done, reinstall the hardware where it is most needed.

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